Thursday, June 11, 2009


Do you ever look at your life and wonder how you got here? Yeah, okay, so I don’t by any means mean to be so melodramatic, but I sometimes just wonder when we all became grown ups, you know? And really this is probably all just stemming from this script that I am writing at the moment. ;)

Life is a funny thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fabulous fantastic thing, but it’s also quite amusing ;) . I have done some amazing things, I’ve met some amazing people, but currently I sort of feel like I’m waiting in the wings for my next great adventure to start… although I am trying to keep myself occupied, but you know. Actually do you know what I mean? I really hope so… otherwise I might be in trouble ;) .

Well, like I heard from someone else, “Life is like a meter on a taxi – it keeps rolling even if you feel like you’re standing still.” So let’s all try and make each day count, right? Right.

Wow I really need to stop listening to this nostalgic music when I write these posts, lol ;) . I guess this is just me inner emo trying to break out… okay so no, actually I really don’t fully understand what emo is, so let’s leave that one off, hehe ;) .


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Pink Shirt

I'm wearing a horrible pink shirt right now. It's one of those shirts that I bought years ago thinking it was so fabulous, and yet never really wore it. So insert now, where I am now trying to get some use out of it. It's not working too well. I know I should just throw it out, and yet I can't.

Although not to go too deep into this, but that probably stems for my love for the past. There are three different kinds of people, those who live in the past, those who live in the future, and those lucky enough to live in the now (the moment). Sometime I have reached those euphoric moments of living in the moment, but usually I drift back into the past. Maybe it's a comfort thing? Who knows.

But, this post is not about myself, it is about the gawd awful pink shirt that I am now sporting. We all have one - well maybe not a pink one, but you know what I mean ;). I wonder if I will make it through the day wearing this thing? I mean do I even dare to go outside in it?

Yeah, I think I'll change.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm taking a moment to talk about love...

Yes, that's right, I am taking a brief moment to talk about something love related. Having talked with a few friends recently who are having this problem, and I myself have had this problem before, I thought I would bring it up here and see who here has had a familiar experience.

Yes, that's right, the whole liking someone who doesn't like you back, and yet having those who like you and yet you do not like them back. Why does this always seem to happen time and time again? It definitely is the story of my life - which is why single life is the life for me ;).

Are we sending out the wrong signals to those we think are just friends? Maybe it is because we are just friends that we are much more comfortable around these people who in turn like us for more? I do know that I tend to get a little flustered around people I really like, so in turn I suppose they do not really see the real me? But then again, after a few meetings this will go away, so... I really do not have an answer. All I know is that it has been happening for years to almost everyone, and will probably continue to do so.

And that whole "let's just be friends" conversation is really not a fun thing to do. Yeah, we all know how that is ;). Well, this is why I for one will just try and be friends only with everyone... but if any of you have any thoughts on the whole the people you like don't like you back, and the one's who do you don't really like in that way, please do share them! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My life as a poet...

"The Stranger On The Dock"
By Cathy Beasley

The wind blows through my hair
I breath in and slowly exhale
My fingers trace the rim of my now empty glass
I feel fulfilled in a way, and yet am missing something dear.

I take notice to the gentleman staring at me from afar,
Does he know something about me, or know me?
I seem to know him but only by spirit.
Is he too traveling to find that something in life?

The stranger gets up and walks towards me.
My heart begins to leap as he now stands near.
He now leans over and whispers softly in my direction,
“I know what you did.”

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Freelance Writing Jobs: Constant Content

So in my never-ending quest to find more places where one can earn some cash while writing, I have stumbled across They claim that the writers can set their own prices to ensure that they are not getting cheated out of what they deserve. When thinking about it, this really does seem like a great idea, but there is also that little problem of waiting around until anyone decides to buy it. I suppose if you wait long enough, eventually someone will, but then again, maybe not.

I just signed up with Constant-Content yesterday and am still awaiting my results. It is free to register and I have already submitted three articles that are awaiting a review.

They do offer a great little section of requested articles which seems like a great way to sell quickly (we shall see). The downside though, is that they do charge a commission of 35% of every article sold, which isn't bad to begin with, but it could prove to be annoying down the line.

But again, we shall see. I still write for Associated Content which is good to always buy pretty much anything and everything, although I have noticed that their prices have been going down significantly from when I first started writing with them.

It is a hard time right now for us fellow writers. Hopefully in a few months things will be better for us. But, until then I will try and share any new writing tips I can with you all.

Best of luck to all my fellow writers! =)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

GUESS Tribal E/W Satchel Review

Handbags are like the personal carriers of our souls. They can enhance our personalities and are an extension of our true selves. Which is why choosing the proper bag is so very important.

The GUESS Tribal E/W Satchel is a great throwback to the Italian bags we all know and love. GUESS has always been able to create a great balance between ultra glamorous and staying casual, which is again true for this great handbag. The alligator print gives that exotic dressy feel, while also being something you could sling around your shoulder for everyday use.

The size of this retro-styled classic is large enough to store all of our essentials for the day, while also being small enough where not lose precious time while trying to aimlessly dig for those things we need. To continue with the function tone, the straps are thicker then most, creating a sure not to slip off the shoulder aspect.

For a wear with anything colored satchel, with sturdy makings, and a chic look, this GUESS bag will surely not disappoint as you strut your stuff each and every glamorous day.

This ultra conventional GUESS Tribal satchel retails for $88.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Five Star Payments = Better Business

We live in a country of opportunity. We are all looking for that next big break that will help us to all achieve our own dreams and goals. And as self employment is now becoming the dream of so many, it is good to scope out your options when dealing with how you will make money with this business opportunities.

By offering credit card options for payment, you will automatically be ahead from all the others. This allows the customers to feel a sense of safety and comfort when making a buy. And, Five Star Payments may be the perfect way to go! Five Star Payments offers great ways to save money as well as a brilliant way to make your business belong amongst the others (and did I mention that it will shine a bit too??) =)

Five Star Payments is a great way to make big changes for your business as well as reducing all those interchange fees!

This is just another contribution to building a bigger and better business. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane.....

Well my friends, today I venture from the comforts of my home to another fun, adventure filled experience. I love traveling, it is one of my most favorite things to do. I will update when I can.

I just partook in British Airways Online Check -In...where, have any of you done that? It took me like a billion times to actually sign in! I think the site was down or something. Oh well, I am all checked in now =). The in flight movies are not nearly as exciting as Virgin (whom I mostly prefer to fly [they give free ice cream!!] :D). I was actually going to fly Virgin again, but their ticket prices were way higher then BA's fabulous deal. Oh well, just another way to broaden my flight experience. ;)

And with this I shall be off. I have lost my other flash card which I would like to find, and I should really finish my packing.

A bientot everyone! I am off to go live the life less traveled! ;)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lawyers = Peace of Mind

As much as we would all love to deny it, every once in a while we find ourselves in situations where we may need serious legal help. This does not mean it will be involving anything illegal, maybe we will just need some extra help to make sure certain forms get filled out properly and such. Maybe we will simply need their help to get us what we may deserve. Anytime one is dealing with a contract, it is an especially good idea to get a second opinion from a qualified lawyer. One time I even took a self defense class and was given the name of lawyer, so again, this is something that is frequently more used then we might think. I even know countless actors who have their own lawyers.

While you may not need a lawyer right at this precise moment, it is still a good idea to know where a good one can be found. While surfing around one day, I actually found a very good little group of lawyers...Central Jersey Legal Services. They specialize from various types of law such as workers comp, medical malpractices, immigration, and even traffic violations. They offer various types of legal services in the New Jersey area. The best part about Central Jersey Legal Services, is that they really seem to put you, the costumer, first. They want you to find someone you are truly comfortable with, because at the end of the day, this legal matter is pertaining to you, and to nobody else.

I just thought I should pass on this lovely piece of information to you all, just in case. If you ever find yourself needing the help of a lawyer, don't be afraid to get out there and find a good one. Central Jersey Legal Services just may be the one you've been waiting for.

Have a fabulous day everyone! =)

Monday, February 23, 2009

eHow Fiction...

So someone mentioned to me the other day how fabulous it would be to have fiction written in the eHow format. So, below please find just one of my examples of how this could be done. ;)

How I realized My Grandmother Had Been Reincarnated As A Tree

1. I attended my grandmother’s people filled funeral one gloomy rainy afternoon. I remember looking around at all the grim faces. My grandmother had truly been loved by all. I began to realize that I was a little saddened to think that I would not see her again.

2. I arrived home, and saw a small little sprig immerging from my grassy garden. I watched as the rain trickled down gracefully watering it with each drop.

3. A few years passed and I decided to sit on my covered porch overlooking my garden. As I sat overlooking the beauty that was now spring, I began to think of the good times my grandmother and I had many years ago now. She too had a beautiful garden that she taught me how to take care of. I remembered how I always had a difficult time remembering to water all the plants, an how my grandmother would love to constantly remind me of this fact.

4. I grab my blue watering can and waltz out to my garden, I notice that most of the plants are rather on the dry side, but I quickly make amends to correct this problem.

5. I turn towards my once sprig who has now grown into quite the little tree. I feel as if it is almost waving to me in the breeze. I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and that’s when hear it, that familiar voice almost whispering to me through the leaves…”Well, I see you still forget to water your plants.” I open my eyes, “Grandma?!”

The End.

Dresses for your perfect Wedding

A friend of mine was mentioning her dream wedding to me the other day. And interestingly enough, she didn't mention the location, or her dream groom, no, in fact the only thing on her mind was what kind of a dress to choose. Now upon considering this comment, I came to realize that the perfect wedding dress really is quite important to this most significant day of your life. This dress will be seen in many photographs, by the most important people in your life, and you just may want to pass it along to your children as well for their own marriage.

Oddly enough this thought never came to me, but choosing the right dress really can be much harder then it sounds.

In my act to try and help my own friend find a truly beautiful dress that will show her off to the world as she truly does deserve to be seen as, I stumbled across a few of these lovely choices that I would love to share with you all.

Like any other piece of fashion in your own collections, this really needs to be the icing on the cake. It needs to show your true self, and make you truly feel like the absolutely amazing person you all truly are.

While looking through this year's wedding fashions I came across many themes of vintage romanticism that gives off an almost Grecian feel as well. And what better way to be dressed in a wedding as a goddess, right?

Here is a look at some of the fashions I found...

I love the sheer romantic feel this dress gives off. It's simple, feminine, and quite perfect for any wedding.

For a girly, lacy feel, you cannot find much better then this. I love the skirt on this one. It too is simply, and yet very romantic.

For the more Grecian feel, this one is perfect. I love the way the fabric lightly drapes down the back. This is extremely sensual, and yet very graceful.

For a more 'storybook' wedding, it will be hard to beat this one. I tend to more fall on the slimmer styles, but this one is absolutely breathtaking.

This dress just shouts vintage romanticism. It really is stunningly gorgeous.

I very much like the idea of this dress, but I cannot decide if I truly love the skirt. It is simplistic in a very beautiful way though.

This has a very 1950's feel that is quite great. It gives off that whole Grace Kelly feeling that we all know and love.

Vera Wang knows how to make a great wedding dress, and this is no exception. I love the whole Marie Antoinette feel this gives off.

This is another great Vera Wang addition. I love the almost 'fairy' feel this dress gives off. It's mysterious and intriguing to the fullest.

I love the subtlety of this beautiful gown.

Another Grecian feel with this one.

This is a very interesting idea for a wedding dress. I love the almost 1920's feel this one eludes. It's fun, flirty, and daring.

I love the light hint of green on this gown. Who says your wedding dress has to be all white?! I think a splash of colour is a grand idea! =)

Aston Martin V12 Vantage

There is nothing like a good car to bring a smile to your face. The feel of the wind on your skin as you speed around tight corners with your windows down. The feel of the leather of the steering wheel in your hand. That sheer exhilaration that comes from pressing your foot on the gas and speeding past all the others. Yes, these are just some of the reasons I love cars. And, with the right kind of car, you can feel like a whole new person, the best version of yourself even. You can feel like a million bucks.

While satisfying my love of cars, I stumbled across an article on the latest Aston Martin. Now, this is a classy car. The sheer mention of the word will bring up thoughts of excitement, danger, and adventure. This is what a car is all about.

This latest model by the Bond car makers, the V12, will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show this 3 March, 2009. This model is based on the popular V8 vantage with a few new features. The V12 will produce a top speed of 190 mph and a 0-62 mph time of 4.2 seconds! This is truly magic to my ears. The sheer power that this car will produce is brilliance to my ears.

The creators of the V12 have stated that this beautiful addition to the Aston Martin line was created with the mindset of the greatest joy of driving being obtained.

The Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ulrich Bez said: “This is the ultimate performance interpretation of the Vantage range, combining our most agile model with our most powerful engine. It represents the definitive driving package; providing spectacular performance to ensure a dynamically thrilling and everyday usable driving experience. The V12 Vantage has a unique character, one unlike our other cars. This will appeal to different people with different tastes, allowing more people to enjoy the Aston Martin experience. This also illustrates one of Aston Martin’s key strengths – the ability to act quickly and turn concepts and ideas into reality.”

Sounds like a perfect car choice for me. =)

Happy driving everyone!

BMW = Secret Agent

BMWs are like perfection to me. Every time I think of them I think of being a secret spy, or some other dangerous, and yet exciting person.

Driving them is even better!

I'll never forget my first encounter with a BMW. I sat inside, grabbed the wheel, started the car (with the most amazing new gadget of a car starter), and my adventure began. I was no longer driving in Los Angeles on my way to the store, no, now I was immediately on a new mission that I didn't even know existed until I got in.

I start down the road, and suddenly I am transported to the mystifying Berlin. I look around at the people on the streets staring in my direction. Are they staring at me? Do they know? Are they staring at the car?

I put my ultra sleek shades on and continue my drive. Red light. I stop. I pop the glove box open to see what's inside. There's a note. Light is still red. I open the note..."Proceed to the square."

Proceed to the square? Should I take this new adventure? Is it a trap? Light turns green. I proceed to the square.

Upon arrival I decide to pull over for a minute. I see a man dressed in a long black coat standing suspiciously with a black case. We both stare at each other for a moment. The man walks towards me. He stops just before my passenger side window. I let the window slowly fall on his side.

"This, I believe, is for you," the man states as he passes me the black case. And with that, he is gone.

I continue my drive. My phone rings, I answer it. "Yes?" I declare. "You may proceed home, your mission is done," the voice on the phone replies.

Home is where I go. I pull into my driveway. Turn off my beautiful BMW, and proceed to my front door. The second I step out of my car, everything turns back to normal, I am again in Los Angeles, and holding a bag of groceries. My mission really is over, well, until the next time I get in that is.

For more information on BMWs:

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yes, I know as a journalist it is far better to give both sides while you yourself staying neutral. This way the audience can side for themselves. But, there are a few matters that I just cannot stay neutral on. Yes, I can see both sides, but I still have a stronger opinion towards one then that of the other.

This little outburst actually came about when I was watching this amazing film, "Crossing Over" last night. The films deals with various immigration situations, most seem unfair, even though according to our country's laws, they are more then legal.

Now, before proceeding, I am going to talk about one of the stories in this film, so if you would rather not know anything about the movie, please stop reading...Spoiler Alert.

I think the biggest problem I have is splitting up families. In the film there is this one synopsis of a young Islam girl being deported for fear of her involvement with terrorism. Now, yes, that sounds bad, but in the context of the film, she was not siding on the side of terrorism, she was simply stating that she understood why they did it. Heck, even I can understand why they did it. Does this mean I should be deported? Do I believe that the terrorist acts are the way to go? OF COURSE NOT! But I still can see where those people are coming from. They are still human beings. They fear, love, and want the same basic things we all do.

Anyway, getting back to this story, in the film, this girl's younger brother and sister were born in the country, thus they can stay, but her parents must be deported as well. Unless, of course, the parents want to split up. Then one may stay in the country, while the other must leave with the daughter. Okay, first of all, no one should condone breaking up families. I'm sorry, but this is inhumane and just plain cruel. I cannot even imagine what it must be like to say goodbye to one parent, your brother and sister, and leave the only place you know to be sent away to a foreign land.

I was so angry for this poor girl. Yes, I know it was only a move, but these things must happen. In fact, I intend to heavily research this after this writing. And while I was watching these tragic end moments, I couldn't help but think that now this girl just may turn to terrorism, because she herself was not being properly heard. I mean, of course we all hope this isn't the case, but it sure gives quite a reason for her to.

It all goes back to fear. This is why we cannot have peace in our world. Fear causes violence. And once violence is started it is almost impossible to stop. One side will have to be the bigger person, and say enough is enough, lay down their weapons, and truly listen to what the other has to say. Without judgement. This is only the beggining to how we can all have a peaceful and just world.

I would like to thank you all for letting me rant. Sometimes my politic beliefs become my passion and I just need to get them out.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Cheers! =)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Step Back In Time...

It's funny how things really do all seem to be so connected. A series of events really can produce an outcome.

Well, to make a long story shorter, I happened to drive by this amazing vintage theater in Seal Beach, CA - The Bay Theater - and saw that "Some Like It Hot" was going to be played Wednesday at 8pm. A vintage theater, plus a truly amazing film on the big screen? Sounds good to me!

And in fact, it really was beyond good. I had actually never been inside this place, but after having done so last night, I can definitely see it becoming a habit.

I walked in, and there is this amazing air to it, like it just breathes that old Hollywood feel. The seats are old, the walls too, and there's even an old organ in the front of the theater. The entire place smelled like an antique store - but in a good way ;). I knew I had discovered something really special.

I sat towards the front, and awaited to be amazed. And amazed I really was. The second the screen lit up with this classic tale I felt that surge of excitement. This was exactly where I wanted, and needed, to be.

And ain't life truly grand???! =)

If you're a true lover of films and want to step back in time, a trip to the Bay Theater is definitely worth your while!! =)

Catching Up With Johnny Depp

Aw Johnny Depp. He's a true artist, and definitely one of my all time favorite actors. I even liked him way before his Pirates' status made him a favorite to all. So, let's see what the brilliant Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood actor have in store for us all next...

Public Enemies:

Directed By Michael Mann
Cast: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Billy Crudup, Giovanni Ribisi, David, there are a lot of good actors in this one! =D
Release Date: 1st July 2009
Plot: The Feds try to take down notorious American gangsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd during a booming crime wave in the 1930s.

The Verdict?: Michael Mann is a brilliant director. I cannot wait to see how he and Mr. Depp work together. Also anything dealing with mafia stories sounds good to me! =) This cast will be fun to watch.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Directed by Terry Gilliam
Cast: Johnny Depp (well, obviously), Heath Ledger, Colin Farrell, Jude Law, Christopher Plummer, Tom Waits
Release date: 24th September 2009
Plot: A traveling theater company gives its audience much more than they were expecting

The Verdict?: Well, with a cast such as this, it hopefully won't disappoint. Johnny Depp is sure to be amazing in a setting such as this! This will be Heath Ledger's last performance (although he did not get to finish) Also Terry Gilliam has been pretty good to us so far. He did well with Mr. Depp before ;).

Alice In Wonderland:

Directed By: Tim Burton
Cast: Johnny Depp, Michael Sheen, Anne Hathaway, Crispin Glover, Alan Rickman, Christopher Lee, Helena Bonham Carter, Mia Wasikowska
Release Date: 5th March 2010
Plot: A live-action and CGI version of the classic "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" story

The Verdict?: For me, anything involving Tim Burton + Johnny Depp is magic for me. I will gladly see this, and hope it will be a visual treat! =) And again, look at this cast!!!! Should be bloody brilliant!

Directed By Gore Verbinski
Cast: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin
Release Date: 18th March 2011
Plot: Animated film of a household pet going on an adventure to discover its true self.

Verdict?: Well, let's just hope he's doing this one for his kids ;).

The Rum Diary
Directed By Bruce Robinson
Cast: Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Aaron Eckhart
Release Date: 2010
Plot: 1960. Divorced alcoholic and struggling novelist Paul Kemp decides to kick around San Juan until his ship comes in.

Verdict?: Well, if it's half as good as the book, I'm down. ;) Johnny Depp does well with this kind of material. =)

Other Upcoming Rumors...

The Three Stooges and Sin City 3.

Stay tuned for much more info on this brilliant actor!! =)

Happy viewing everyone!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"A Rush Of Blood To The Head"

No matter how my music taste varies over the years, there are still a few albums that will just never die for me.

While there are many, the one I am going to talk about today, is Coldplay's "A Rush Of Blood To The Head". For me, this album is a great listen on a warm sunny afternoon, or even while dancing in the rain.

This album is when Coldplay was on top of their game. Their lyrics were brilliant, and there sounds were earthy and yet ethereal. It's a balance between chaos and serenity that is just absolutely beautiful to all the senses.

And what is my favorite song of the whole album? Good question... I love them all. but, if I must pick one, it would probably be The Scientist. There is something absolutely heartbreaking and yet hopeful about it. It's the absolutely perfect song to close your eyes to, and just let it take you away. With every breath is it bring happiness and also bring tears to your eyes.

You know what the funny thing is? I actually haven't listened to this album in months! I was just listening to my iTunes today, and this was the album it chose for my soundtrack today. And I'm very glad it did. I think this will be my new trend with the music world...I'm going to go back and listen to all my old albums! =)

The Scientist
By Coldplay

Come up to meet you,
Tell you I'm sorry,
You don't know how lovely you are.

I had to find you,
Tell you I need you,
Tell you I set you apart.

Tell me your secrets,
And ask me your questions,
Oh let's go back to the start.

Runnin' in circles,
Comin' in tails,
Heads on a science apart.

Nobody said it was easy,
It's such a shame for us to part.
Nobody said it was easy,
No one ever said it would be this hard.
Oh take me back to the start.

I was just guessin',
At numbers and figures,
Pullin' the puzzles apart.

Questions of science,
Science and progress,
Do not speak as loud as my heart.

Tell me you love me,
Come back and haunt me,
Oh, what a rush to the start.

Runnin' in circles,
Chasin' tails,
Comin' back as we are.

Nobody said it was easy,
Oh it's such a shame for us to part.
Nobody said it was easy,
No one ever said it would be so hard.
I'm goin' back to the start.

Oh ooh ooh ooh ooh ohh,
Ah ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh,
Oh ooh ooh ooh ooh ohh,
Oh ooh ooh ooh ooh ohh.

Happy listening everyone! =)

H&M Spring 2009 Line

H&M is very much one of my favorite stores. My love for it came about when I was studying in London. Aw...those were good times ;).

H&M offers European, high style of fashions, for cheap. It really is the best of both worlds. Gorgeous looks that will make you feel like a million bucks but for much, much less then that of high-end designer stores.

So how does the 2009 Spring Line pan out? Is it really worth your dollar? Well, take a look for yourself.

The new Spring Line offers many volumes with soft pastels that give off a breezy soft, and very delicate feel. It all has a very Bohemian vibe to it, but with a much more feminine feel. These seem like the perfect fashions to jet off to the South of France, or just take a walk through a beautiful garden.

This pink dress gives off the perfect "Alice In Wonderland" feel. It really is the best summer dress to attend any tea or ice cream social. The gray jacket offers a more sophisticated look.

I love this dress. This is something I would wear often. It's fun, flirty, and looks beyond comfortable too. I love this color blue.

Sophistacation is not wasted on this one. It's classy, and really fun. It almost has a safari feel to it, that adds that little sense of adventure we all love and crave.

The Spring 2009 Line of H&M really looks fabulous! Just another reason why H&M really is one of my favorite places to shop.

Cheers! =)

Life...Or Something Like It.

It's funny how when we are all younger, life seems so clear. The path we want in life is laid out right before us.

However, it seems like the older and older we get that life we always wanted seems to blur. I suppose this is primarily due to our responsibilities in life.

But it all seems so sad. And actually unavoidable, except we all seem to do anything but avoid it.

I guess all we can really do is keep trying to reach our goals and dreams in this life, and if we end up somewhere else along the way, hopefully we'll keep an open mind, and just enjoy it.

This was my nostalgic post for the month ;).

Cheers! =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Room 23"

How about a collection of pictures filled with men (like George Clooney) dressed in deep tuxedos, and women dressed in form fitting silky evening dresses? Well, this is exactly what you will find with Deborah Anderson's steamy, yet classy photographs in her new book "Room 23".

Along with activist Diana Jenkins, who launched an International Justice Clinic in 2008 to bring her own experiences with genocide to help those of others, the two created a racy tale with pictures of a room that was built to hold many secrets.

"Room 23" follows the life of an upscale hotel room. Nothing is taboo in this tale. People come and go, love is found and lost, but the room stays constant.

The book is actually not yet released, but will be at an event tonight at the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel. Which is actually the hotel that these famous pictures were taken at.

For any art lover, this tale seems like the perfect escape into love and sensuality, and would be the perfect addition to a fan of this kind of art. And come on, what really is classier then a guy dressed in a tuxedo?! ;)

Photography and art is a passion of mine, and I cannot wait to take a glance into "Room 23", and let these photos tell me its every story.

Paid To Blog!

How would you like to sleep in, wake up at your leisure, have a nice breakfast on your balcony overlooking the ocean, and get paid for something you most likely do anyways with your spare time? Okay, so maybe the having breakfast overlooking the ocean could be a little far fetched, but hopefully someday, right? ;) The part about being paid for something you probably do now, although, is more true then you might think.

I have been writing blogs for many years, but have only recently discovered that many people are actually paid to do it. This news was astounding to me, and I very much wanted to join on this opportunity train too!

It is amazing to think that people are actually paid just for blogging their thoughts! This is amazingly ideal for probably anyone and everyone. This is why I just had to share this amazing experience with you all! =) Everyone should be able to get paid for something they already love to do. Yes, get get paid to blog!

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And do not worry if you are not a Pulitzer prize winning writer, if you can write an e-mail, you can blog. It really is very natural for everyone, it's just like talking, except we can get paid for this. =)

I wish you all the best of luck in all your endeavors, just please remember to get out there and enjoy this thing called life. We only live once, might as well make it count! =)


Friday, February 13, 2009

Fashion In Films... Bride Wars & Push

I saw only two films this past week... yes, I know, shocking for me! lol ;) Well, we all know I have a huge love for all things film related, and it really is no exception when I look at the fashion for films as well.

The two films I saw this past week were Bride Wars and Push. Yes, one is of course a tad more fashion directed, but I will admit that the costumes for Push really were quite amazing.

Bride Wars...

Both Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway had some amazing outfits. Some of my favorites include the blue dress that Anne Hathaway is sporting... It's a very summery dress, that I wish I could have found a better picture of, because it really was cute. It would be great with a thick brown belt too! =)

This dress is gorgeous... I especially like the cute flats...

I actually really loved this suit (yeah, probably minus the blue hair though, lol). It's that perfect business attire, strong, confident, and yet sexy...

Anne Hathaway's coat gives off that perfect romantic Bohemian style that I absolutely love...

I'm up in the air over Miss Hudson's wedding dress, I like it, but I'm not loving it...

I really didn't care much for Anne Hathaway's wedding dress, I like the way the sleeves draped off her shoulders, but, that's about it...

This dress did look a little (keyword: little) better in the film. I do really like the scarf though. It gives a very Italian feel to the whole thing...

Yes, as you can see, the fashion in Bride Wars was more often then not on the better side of things. Themes of romance and bohemian influences were the styles of choice.

Fashions of Push...

Push is a different style altogether. There are themes of Asian influence, as well as almost superhero quirks to add to these characters.

My favorite costume of the whole film is definitely that which was worn by Dakota Fanning. I loved the short skirt, high black boots, simple tee-shirt, and the ultra cute 'Alice In Wonderland' style coat. It was brilliant...

Camilla Bell's glittery suit was fun too...

And last, but not least, is the amazing Djimon Hounsou...his suits were awesomely flashy =)...

I was trying to find a pic of his awesome shades in the opening scene, but have not yet scored one... I'll be on the lookout though. ;)

Well, until we meet again...

Cheers! =)

Fashion Trends 2009

Yes, I admit, I do love fashion. There is something about the way a dress falls on a person, the color of the fabric, and just the way it makes you feel while wearing it, that makes fashion truly great.

So, I decided to take a peek at some various 2009 fashion trends that we can all be on the lookout for...

Grecian Dresses Are Back!

Amen sista! I love these dresses. They are gorgeous to look at, and I love the way they almost float around us as we walk in them.

These flowing fabrics and almost breeze like feelings while wearing them will be great paired with flat strappy sandals. Feel free to bring out your inner goddess with these great looks designed by Valentino, Elie Saab, amongst many others.

As we all know, fashion repeats itself, so it will be grand to see these Grecian styles be re-vamped and brought out for us to create a whole new era of the style.

Grecian styles are already popping up on such fashionistas as Kate Beckinsale...

and Sienna Miller. I personally love this dress Miss Miller is wearing. It really is the perfect dress for Spring and Summer.

Well, as you can tell, I am more then ecstatic at these trends being returned to us. Enjoy!

Cheers! =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pirates Still Live!

I love that there are still pirates...

I was watching the news (yes, I know, how very 'adult of me') ;), and I just noticed a story of pirates being quite a problem off the coast of Africa.


I was a little sad to see that they didn't have eye patches, skull flags, and parrots on their shoulders though...oh, I'm sorry, it's not the 1700's anymore?? =)

Happy sailing everyone! ;)

He's Just Not That Into You.... So....

Since when was being single the new plague??!

So I had lunch with a friend the other day, and she brought up an interesting point. She said she felt like she had failed because she herself was still single in her late twenties.

I mean really, since when was single a bad thing??

I then began to wonder if others too had this thought. I suppose it doesn't help that with every film and television show these days, we have the underlined tone that we must get married, the sooner the better, or we will end up alone. They all state that people over the age of 30 are doomed to spend a lifetime alone. Sounds pretty grim...doesn't it?

Uh....okay, so instead of focusing on the negative, look at the bright side... you will have the freedom to do anything you want, you have that optimism, that around any corner you could meet someone truly great, and I could go on. It's a great time to spend your life with your friends too.

Instead of treating this as horrible circumstances, one should use this time as a great advantage to truly get to know yourself.

I have been single for years, and I love every minute of it. But, then again, I'm one of these people who will enjoy whatever state they find themselves... there is good things in ever situation life presents us. =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To Phone or Not to Phone?

That is the question. For a few months now I have thought about upgrading my phone. But upon this thought, I have come to realize that this is almost impossible.

Besides the million different phones that are available, there are also the never-ending different phone carriers. At the moment I'm with Verizon, and I've been pretty happy with them, they're not perfect, but then again who is? I used to be with AT&T, and have recently thought about going back to them. They do offer the iPhone after all.

But there again is a whole new list of questions. Is the iPhone really worth the extra money? Are there other, slightly cheaper models that I could buy?

The more I thought about it, the more questions I realized I would have to answer.

And my conclusion? Well, let's just say it's been inconclusive. For the time being I will stick with my phone that looks like it stepped out of a Radioshack circa 1985. Besides, vintage is coming back, right??

Monday, February 9, 2009

Enjoy Life!

"Dream as if you'll live forever, and live as if you'll die tomorrow." - James Dean

No truer words could ever be spoken. Life is too short to wait around, we need to get out there and start living life now! =)