Thursday, February 19, 2009

Step Back In Time...

It's funny how things really do all seem to be so connected. A series of events really can produce an outcome.

Well, to make a long story shorter, I happened to drive by this amazing vintage theater in Seal Beach, CA - The Bay Theater - and saw that "Some Like It Hot" was going to be played Wednesday at 8pm. A vintage theater, plus a truly amazing film on the big screen? Sounds good to me!

And in fact, it really was beyond good. I had actually never been inside this place, but after having done so last night, I can definitely see it becoming a habit.

I walked in, and there is this amazing air to it, like it just breathes that old Hollywood feel. The seats are old, the walls too, and there's even an old organ in the front of the theater. The entire place smelled like an antique store - but in a good way ;). I knew I had discovered something really special.

I sat towards the front, and awaited to be amazed. And amazed I really was. The second the screen lit up with this classic tale I felt that surge of excitement. This was exactly where I wanted, and needed, to be.

And ain't life truly grand???! =)

If you're a true lover of films and want to step back in time, a trip to the Bay Theater is definitely worth your while!! =)

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