Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Room 23"

How about a collection of pictures filled with men (like George Clooney) dressed in deep tuxedos, and women dressed in form fitting silky evening dresses? Well, this is exactly what you will find with Deborah Anderson's steamy, yet classy photographs in her new book "Room 23".

Along with activist Diana Jenkins, who launched an International Justice Clinic in 2008 to bring her own experiences with genocide to help those of others, the two created a racy tale with pictures of a room that was built to hold many secrets.

"Room 23" follows the life of an upscale hotel room. Nothing is taboo in this tale. People come and go, love is found and lost, but the room stays constant.

The book is actually not yet released, but will be at an event tonight at the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel. Which is actually the hotel that these famous pictures were taken at.

For any art lover, this tale seems like the perfect escape into love and sensuality, and would be the perfect addition to a fan of this kind of art. And come on, what really is classier then a guy dressed in a tuxedo?! ;)

Photography and art is a passion of mine, and I cannot wait to take a glance into "Room 23", and let these photos tell me its every story.

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