Sunday, April 5, 2009

GUESS Tribal E/W Satchel Review

Handbags are like the personal carriers of our souls. They can enhance our personalities and are an extension of our true selves. Which is why choosing the proper bag is so very important.

The GUESS Tribal E/W Satchel is a great throwback to the Italian bags we all know and love. GUESS has always been able to create a great balance between ultra glamorous and staying casual, which is again true for this great handbag. The alligator print gives that exotic dressy feel, while also being something you could sling around your shoulder for everyday use.

The size of this retro-styled classic is large enough to store all of our essentials for the day, while also being small enough where not lose precious time while trying to aimlessly dig for those things we need. To continue with the function tone, the straps are thicker then most, creating a sure not to slip off the shoulder aspect.

For a wear with anything colored satchel, with sturdy makings, and a chic look, this GUESS bag will surely not disappoint as you strut your stuff each and every glamorous day.

This ultra conventional GUESS Tribal satchel retails for $88.

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