Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm taking a moment to talk about love...

Yes, that's right, I am taking a brief moment to talk about something love related. Having talked with a few friends recently who are having this problem, and I myself have had this problem before, I thought I would bring it up here and see who here has had a familiar experience.

Yes, that's right, the whole liking someone who doesn't like you back, and yet having those who like you and yet you do not like them back. Why does this always seem to happen time and time again? It definitely is the story of my life - which is why single life is the life for me ;).

Are we sending out the wrong signals to those we think are just friends? Maybe it is because we are just friends that we are much more comfortable around these people who in turn like us for more? I do know that I tend to get a little flustered around people I really like, so in turn I suppose they do not really see the real me? But then again, after a few meetings this will go away, so... I really do not have an answer. All I know is that it has been happening for years to almost everyone, and will probably continue to do so.

And that whole "let's just be friends" conversation is really not a fun thing to do. Yeah, we all know how that is ;). Well, this is why I for one will just try and be friends only with everyone... but if any of you have any thoughts on the whole the people you like don't like you back, and the one's who do you don't really like in that way, please do share them! :)

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