Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Paid To Blog!

How would you like to sleep in, wake up at your leisure, have a nice breakfast on your balcony overlooking the ocean, and get paid for something you most likely do anyways with your spare time? Okay, so maybe the having breakfast overlooking the ocean could be a little far fetched, but hopefully someday, right? ;) The part about being paid for something you probably do now, although, is more true then you might think.

I have been writing blogs for many years, but have only recently discovered that many people are actually paid to do it. This news was astounding to me, and I very much wanted to join on this opportunity train too!

It is amazing to think that people are actually paid just for blogging their thoughts! This is amazingly ideal for probably anyone and everyone. This is why I just had to share this amazing experience with you all! =) Everyone should be able to get paid for something they already love to do. Yes, get get paid to blog!

One of the best sights I have found, and actually the first one that has given me this most amazing opportunity is called PayingPost.com.

PayingPost.com allows you to submit your blog, and per approval, they will allow you to scroll through various writing opportunities, you pick the one that sounds the best for your blog, and then write about it. You are paid for your blog advertising. It really is that simple. You do not ever have to write about anything you do not wish to. It is brilliant really. You write, and they pay you to post! Yes, you heard right, get paid to post! =)

And do not worry if you are not a Pulitzer prize winning writer, if you can write an e-mail, you can blog. It really is very natural for everyone, it's just like talking, except we can get paid for this. =)

I wish you all the best of luck in all your endeavors, just please remember to get out there and enjoy this thing called life. We only live once, might as well make it count! =)


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