Monday, February 23, 2009

eHow Fiction...

So someone mentioned to me the other day how fabulous it would be to have fiction written in the eHow format. So, below please find just one of my examples of how this could be done. ;)

How I realized My Grandmother Had Been Reincarnated As A Tree

1. I attended my grandmother’s people filled funeral one gloomy rainy afternoon. I remember looking around at all the grim faces. My grandmother had truly been loved by all. I began to realize that I was a little saddened to think that I would not see her again.

2. I arrived home, and saw a small little sprig immerging from my grassy garden. I watched as the rain trickled down gracefully watering it with each drop.

3. A few years passed and I decided to sit on my covered porch overlooking my garden. As I sat overlooking the beauty that was now spring, I began to think of the good times my grandmother and I had many years ago now. She too had a beautiful garden that she taught me how to take care of. I remembered how I always had a difficult time remembering to water all the plants, an how my grandmother would love to constantly remind me of this fact.

4. I grab my blue watering can and waltz out to my garden, I notice that most of the plants are rather on the dry side, but I quickly make amends to correct this problem.

5. I turn towards my once sprig who has now grown into quite the little tree. I feel as if it is almost waving to me in the breeze. I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and that’s when hear it, that familiar voice almost whispering to me through the leaves…”Well, I see you still forget to water your plants.” I open my eyes, “Grandma?!”

The End.

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