Monday, February 23, 2009

BMW = Secret Agent

BMWs are like perfection to me. Every time I think of them I think of being a secret spy, or some other dangerous, and yet exciting person.

Driving them is even better!

I'll never forget my first encounter with a BMW. I sat inside, grabbed the wheel, started the car (with the most amazing new gadget of a car starter), and my adventure began. I was no longer driving in Los Angeles on my way to the store, no, now I was immediately on a new mission that I didn't even know existed until I got in.

I start down the road, and suddenly I am transported to the mystifying Berlin. I look around at the people on the streets staring in my direction. Are they staring at me? Do they know? Are they staring at the car?

I put my ultra sleek shades on and continue my drive. Red light. I stop. I pop the glove box open to see what's inside. There's a note. Light is still red. I open the note..."Proceed to the square."

Proceed to the square? Should I take this new adventure? Is it a trap? Light turns green. I proceed to the square.

Upon arrival I decide to pull over for a minute. I see a man dressed in a long black coat standing suspiciously with a black case. We both stare at each other for a moment. The man walks towards me. He stops just before my passenger side window. I let the window slowly fall on his side.

"This, I believe, is for you," the man states as he passes me the black case. And with that, he is gone.

I continue my drive. My phone rings, I answer it. "Yes?" I declare. "You may proceed home, your mission is done," the voice on the phone replies.

Home is where I go. I pull into my driveway. Turn off my beautiful BMW, and proceed to my front door. The second I step out of my car, everything turns back to normal, I am again in Los Angeles, and holding a bag of groceries. My mission really is over, well, until the next time I get in that is.

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