Thursday, June 11, 2009


Do you ever look at your life and wonder how you got here? Yeah, okay, so I don’t by any means mean to be so melodramatic, but I sometimes just wonder when we all became grown ups, you know? And really this is probably all just stemming from this script that I am writing at the moment. ;)

Life is a funny thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fabulous fantastic thing, but it’s also quite amusing ;) . I have done some amazing things, I’ve met some amazing people, but currently I sort of feel like I’m waiting in the wings for my next great adventure to start… although I am trying to keep myself occupied, but you know. Actually do you know what I mean? I really hope so… otherwise I might be in trouble ;) .

Well, like I heard from someone else, “Life is like a meter on a taxi – it keeps rolling even if you feel like you’re standing still.” So let’s all try and make each day count, right? Right.

Wow I really need to stop listening to this nostalgic music when I write these posts, lol ;) . I guess this is just me inner emo trying to break out… okay so no, actually I really don’t fully understand what emo is, so let’s leave that one off, hehe ;) .


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